Every motorcyclist has their own list of the best roads they’ve ever ridden, as well as some ideas of some great roads they hope to ride some day. I mean, you didn’t buy that Suzuki Boulevard C50T to let it sit in the garage, did you? That bike wants to go places! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a definitive list of the best roads in the country so you might even make some plans to hit them?

Well, thanks to the folks at the American Motorcyclist Association, that list has been compiled. They asked their members to vote on which roads they consider the best and a list of the top 15 motorcycle roads in the U.S. is what resulted.

Many of the roads on the list are what you would expect. The Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina is on there, in the No. 3 spot, and the Pacific Coast Highway is there as No. 5. Voted the best road of them all is the Beartooth Highway up in Wyoming and Montana. I’ve been on the PCH and the Beartooth and I can confirm they belong there. But there are some roads you’ve probably never heard of, and that’s one of the beauties of this list. It gives you new destinations to dream about.

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My intention was to participate in the great biker hajj to Sturgis, South Dakota for Bike Week with several biker friends. “Sturgis” was about the only motorcycle experience I lacked. I bought a Honda Super Bee for $90 from a guy who was traveling cross-country and broke down in my hometown of Goshen, Indiana when I was fifteen. I rode all over the Midwestern U.S. on that old Honda. When I was nineteen I did a 7,000 mile trip from Indiana down through Mexico on my next bike, a Suzuki 500. But after I wrecked my Harley and nearly killed myself, I vowed I was done with motorcycles. I’m a middle-aged attorney with wife and kids for Gods sake! That was my third serious bike wreck, and I feared three was all fate may have allotted me. But old biker friends were going to Sturgis, and that last adventure on a bike beckoned.

How could I experience Sturgis without breaking my vow? A rental Harley seemed like a good solution, so I rented a Road King in July and did a weekend ride with three friends. But fear had a hold on me. When my front tire skidded on gravel on a curve on State Road 135 in Southern Indiana, I had flash backs to the last wreck. In that one I was thrown over the handlebars between a tree and a truck-size boulder as my out-of-control bike went over a creek bank and into the water. My front brake locked and I was thrown over the handlebars on a country road when I was sixteen, and was hit broad-side by a car at nineteen. I recovered and rode again. No problem. But my last wreck, maybe because I’m older with family responsibilities, imprinted a fear I’d not felt before. I decided the vow covered rental bikes too.

But I was determined to experience Sturgis. I decided to drive my new Sebring convertible to Sturgis and hook up with my biker buddies out there.

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